Colorful Apartments Ideas

colorful kitchen 1Nothing shows a bright, fun personality more than expressing color in your apartment space. I found some way out fun colorful apartment ideas to share. This bursting-with-color kitchen is adorable. Note the doll figures and settings on top of the cabinets. Interesting idea! Great for a girl roommates!

colorful_apartment 2Rather than the all out going-for-color with walls and cabinets, it is easy to incorporate colorful ideas into your apartment with furnishing. Bright book shelves, bedding, and accessories bring this soft white space pop with life. Fun for college students! Image via

Colorful-Interior-Design-For-A-Small-Apartment-1Furniture and rugs with color and life brighten this living space. Using a lot of color and not looking crazy is easy if you stick with contrasting colors that are pleasing to the eye. Greens with purples are great, and orange against any bright blue is fun. Image and more ideas at Impressive Magazine.

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