Floral Print for Spring

floral print 1

Need some spice in your apartment or home decor? Why not salute spring and go for floral print furniture? By adding one simple piece, coordinated with you room, you can bring drama or a romantic flare to your living environment.

floral print 2

Decor Trend = Fleur on Fleur.  I’m a little skeptical, but this image shows a delightful color contrast of flower prints that is tasteful and elegant.  Image via Fancy House Road.

floral print 3

The colors I love!! Deep purple and chartreuse together! The huge flower illustrated wallpaper brings flower print to a whole new level. And a beautiful one. Makes finding art for your new home obsolete.
Flower wallpaper found at Urban Flowers


2 responses to “Floral Print for Spring

  1. ooohh, loving these pics :O)
    I totally agree, a key piece in a strong colour/pattern or even texture can be transformative for a space. I love the floral console above and isn’t purple such a fabulous colour.

  2. Absolutely love purple and green together! Thank you for your wonderful comments!