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Brick Lofts

brick-room loft 1

I love loft apartments, and my favorite have to have brick walls. I love when an architect keeps  the hints of originality of the building and make them a glamorous addition to a living space.  Image via the i of inspiration

brick 2

Studio loft apartment by Stephen Kaklitsch

brick 3

How lovely is a brick loft? image via MelindaAnderson

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Loft Love – The Oil Mill Loft

The Oil Mill Loft, found at, is an exquisitely luxurious loft space that is centuries old, located in Extramadura, Spain.

The building was originally constructed in the 12th century by monks. It later became an oil mill.

Due to its historic value, much of the orginal architecture was kept intact. The exposed stone and brickworks, the beams, all add to the incredible fluency of this loft space. The building was neglected for nearly two decades when the current owners took over. They hired architect Ricardo Elizondo to create this inspiring loft home. I love the furniture, the color choices in the interior’s decor, which makes this ancient space so comfortable to live in.

Something about eh blue and beige tones with the stone stops my designer’s heart. I’m simply in love with this Oil Mill Loft!

Feeling some Loft Love?



Cool house! So unique.

Loft Dreams

Right now I live in a roomy townhouse with multiple floors, but if I ever had to live in a more urban setting, like New York, I would have to fulfill my loft dreams! To me there is nothing more fresh and inviting than a clean open space, decorated to perfection, of course. I love this glamorous loft designed by Tori Golub.

Lofts were originally built as an apartment in the top floor of a barn or a building. The unique roof/ceiling architecture was used to create a unique open living space.  I love what was done to create this loft apartment in Stockholm. The peaked roof and the block-book shelves are perfection. Built in fireplace looks yummy also and give the cool space a warm feel.

This loft space in New York gives the perfect definition of industrial:  high ceilings, big windows, open floor space, exposed pipes, concrete wall and floors, the use of metals and wood for apartment features and decor.  Often lofts will feature the exposed brick walls of the building.

Cute loft apartment in Sweden.

Ultra modern and fresh loft space.



Concrete can do just about anything…and looks stunning too! Who would have thought?

New York City Apartments – Architecture and Entrances

New York City Apartments… We all know the architecture around and about New York City is fascinating.  I went on a search for some interesting entrances that anyone may come across when stepping out of their New York City apartments. These special little places caught my eye.  Above the Chelsea International Hostel, a haven for student travelers. Image from travel.

Another unique place: Hells Kitchen boarding house on West 51st Street.

Beautifully photographed classic Brownstone entrance. via A Day Not Wasted.

New York City apartments and buildings, unique and wondrous living. Image via Box of Ashes at deviantART.

This on is called Her Soul For a Brownstone, by Project Blancoyd at deviantART, another cool entrance to New York City apartments.


A castle-like apartment in Israel by Pitsou Kedem Architects

This apartment is incredible…imagine living here!

Unique Architecture – The Car-shaped Home

My love for unique architecture was satisfied today with finding this unusual car-shaped home design in Germany at  It’s so cute, and the space seems modern and quite livable too.

I have to say I totally love this unique architecture and feel inspired by the design, but I couldn’t imagine myself living in it…well, maybe for a day or two.

The Indomitable Spiral Staircase

I know I may have blogged about spiral staircases before…but when an image pops up on me I get in this groove…thus the sharing. This is an amazing photo taken at the Lighthouse in Michell Lane, Glasgow. Photo: George Gastin

If you’re a fan of spiral staircases, then you’ve seen versions of this famous staircase I’m sure…in the Vatican Museum in Rome.  Photo via yaadayaada

Artistic interior design spiral staircase by the Italian company Bonansea Scale. Love the unique dark styling, especially against the white. The curved details along the railing draw the eye upward, reminding me of flames on a candle.  Photo via Dekris

Stunning piece of interior architecture…would love to know the designer, but can’t find the company in my searches. If you have any info, let me know…

Of course we can’t all put a spiral staircase in our homes…or, can we?  This spiral staircase is a dynamic option…It’s a wall sticker! Great idea! And the company name is so cool too (Pink Floyd fan here!)
Check out Another Sticker In The

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