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Fall Leaf Wall Decor

fall leaf wall decor

With summer nearly over I’m feeling the vibe of fall inspiration for home or apartment decor. Even the bedroom can be updated and made fresh each season with simple changes. Consider wall decals in pretty fall leaf designs.

Autumn Trends: Fall Home

fall leaf wall decor 2

18 Fall Leaf Wall Decals

Love these wall decals. They would be great in any room and fill in any dead space you may have on an apartment wall.  Click ArtFire to shop.


Check out more wall decals at Zero Decor.

Halloween Preview

Feeling autumn means feeling Halloween…and bringing out the pumpkin decorations is on my list. Came across these steps on Pinterest just now. I love them! I would have to guess that they are wall stickers. What a great idea! Too bad my steps at home are carpeted. 🙁

Apple Decor For Your Doylestown Apartment


I know it’s still pumpkin season, but the almighty apple still shares the reins for Autumn in my book…and kitchen. Why not consider some apple decor options for you Doylestown apartment?  Right now my place is full of pumpkins, a few still of the natural nature, and hopefully not over-ripening, and some of the synthetic nature. But now I’m considering going Apple!
photo above via Southern Highroads.org

The warmth of these Apple Candles with bring life to your Doylestown apartment when featured on the dining table, counters, coffee table or any side-table. Photo via Apartment Therapy.

Everyone knows compost is great for the garden, but you can’t always keep those heaping left-overs around too long, and heading out to the compost heap is not always easy to do, so here’s a lovely option. The Apple Compost Crock. It’s so pretty and can be kept on your counter as decor. Inside features a carbon filter to keep odors at bay until you empty. I just like the container, period.
photo via Apartment Therapy.

More for you Doylestown apartment kitchen – the perfect paper towel holder with sturdy apple design and a matching Apple dish drainer.  Love these! from Ginnys.com.

Although this image is showing a wedding table, I want to use it in two weeks for my Thanksgiving feast…an arrangement of apples on the table will be lovely and refreshing for any dinner party. Use reds, greens, and yellow apples for full pleasure.  photo via My Biggest Day

Hope you find inspiration in apple decor for your Doylestown apartment. Any big Thanksgiving decorating plans to share?

Falling Leaves

I love the soft presence of leaves in decor and design, and even in cooking.

Fall leaves have the most unique scent, one that cannot be duplicated. The ground gets a bit heavy, anticipating the arrival of future snows and the leaves offer shelter and preservation to the delicate growth now in hibernation.

Add a little leaf to your decorating options to bring a taste of autumn into your home. Above, Maple Leaf Wall Decor from Home and Garden Products.com

Leaf tiles via Houzz.com

Brown Leaf Cupcakes for a unique Thanksgiving delight…via Party Cupcake Ideas.com

Fall Leaf candles will add a beautiful touch anywhere. $2.98 at Bridalstar

Fall in Love Scented Leaf Soaps promise to give the scent of falling leaves…they make a wonder gift.  (Or in guest powder room!). Via Weddinglands.com

I always make leaves for my pumpkin pies…but nothing like this artistic wonder! Had to save this picture just for inspiration for a great cooking and recipes site called The Heritage Cook.

Have a wonderful Fall weekend!


Welcoming Autumn

image: Autumn Produce via National Geographic

Well, it’s that time of year again, officially, when football in in full swing, and the leaves start to change, and the nights get that extra chill which calls for fireplaces and furnaces to be lit. And it’s a nice time to add some snappy fall color to you apartment or home.

Meyda Tiffany Halloween Lamp from Lamps USA

Autumn Wreath…this display is gorgeous…via Shelterness

Chesterfield 2 seater Mandarin Orange leather sofa from Designer Sofas 4 U

Yes, they are a fall wedding flower display, but wouldn’t this be delightful as a dining room table centerpiece, or on the island in the kitchen?
via Wedding Flowers and Reception Ideas

image via Decor Pad

Lastly, the fallest-fall-tradition…got to have them for decorating, touching (they forever feel cool), smelling, and carving if your talent calls…

…the king of all Autumn fruits…

Pumpkins by drivesmeinsane at Deviant Art

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