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Unique Apartment Designs – Bethlehem Pa Apartments

unique-apartment-designUnique apartment designs, Bethlehem Pa Apartments

You can find beautiful unique apartment designs in Bethlehem Pa apartments. Looks for interesting architectural features, such as brick wall, large windows, high ceilings, and, if you can, like the picture above, a great spiral staircase.

unique apartment 2When designing Bethlehem Pa apartments work with the unique qualities of the room itself. In this example I love the dog wall decal between the window and guitar as a object of art. Keep Bethlehem Pa apartments style fresh with a color theme and avoid clutter.

unique apartment 3If Bethlehem Pa apartments are small, modern decor is a perfectly unique fit. Love these stack and slide coffee tables and the coordinating TV stand /shelf unit. White with light colors will brighten a small space in Bethlehem Pa apartments.

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Bethlehem Pa Apartments – Shabby Chic Christmas Decor

shabby chic 3Simple and stylish, adding Shabby Chic Christmas decor to Bethlehem Pa Apartments will make your holiday warm and bright.

shabby chic christmasKeep Bethlehem Pa apartments simple and chic with unique decor choices. Vintage decor on the tree in a color theme sets the holiday off nicely. I love the red highlights here, and the mantle display.

a little goldCenterpieces of gold and silver are wondrous shabby chic decor touches for Bethlehem Pa Apartments. I love this silver dish with a touch of gold. Looks like a sea-side Christmas. Wish I was there.

Shabby-ChristmasWhite on white is classic shabby chic design and it’s even more beautiful with Christmas decor in Bethlehem Pa apartments. The white vintage look bobbles on the Christmas tree and silver wrapped presents add the finishing touches. This room takes my breath away. Cozy and chic.

ornaments bowlOne of my favorite shabby chic Christmas decor ideas for Bethlehem Pa apartments: a bowl of ornaments. All those extras, the old ones, vintage balls, or ones that have lost their ends can be used for a bowl of Christmas. Use as a center piece or on the buffet table. I have a clear glass bowls of blue, gold, and silver ones on my fridge top. Looks smashing.

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Bethlehem Pa Apartments – Bergere Style Chairs

Any room in a Bethlehem Pa apartment can use great design choices and one of my favorite chairs is the French Bergere style chair. I have a gorgeous one in our bedroom, with matching ottoman, in a pale woven tapestry with light wood. It is simply scrumptious to sit in and read with its down-filled cushions. Here are some of my favorite finds online that would be great in any Bethlehem Pa apartment and bit of Bergere history.  Image above is an antique reproduction of a French Louis XV bergere via Haqure.

Color choices for a Bergere chair for your Bethlehem Pa apartment are important. Of course I couldn’t resist this chartreuse-colored Fauteuil Bergere style via Deco en Vogue.

Built for royalty, the French Bergere Chair was originally designed in the early 1700s, inspired by Louis XIV of France. These overstuffed elegantly built, comfortable chairs were used in sitting rooms and bedrooms, and were often moved about the mansions for party use. The grand comfort and beautiful presentation of these chairs and ottomans have endured the centuries in interior furniture design and are still very popular. Refurbished and classic reproductions are less expensive than the original antiques of course. Above is the traditional beige chair and ottoman by Hickory White.

In contrast, this black Fauteuil Bergere Louis XV reproduction is a gorgeous choice with a more daring Bethlehem apartments living space.

Grand Bergere chair and ottoman by Century Furniture.

Upholstery of your Bergere chair for your Bethlehem apartment will be chosen to suit your apartment design. A more French Country feel in your living space will call for a chair like this soft yellow printed one. Via Apartment Therapy.

My Bergere and ottoman was made by Fairfield Chair Company in North Carolina. It cost around $1500 twenty years ago when we bought it. Here is a gorgeous design for your Bethlehem apartment, Louisa Bergere Chair from Ballard Designs. $600