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Camel and Black Interiors

camel and black 3

camel and black4

camel and black interior

camel and black 2

Images found on Pinterest and Design *Sponge


White + Black

white plus black decor 1And so begins a new year… Featuring today, on this snow in PA second day of 2014 white plus black decor options for your apartment. There are no two color choices that give direct contrast, a contrast so profound and crisp, as white and black. Love a mostly white room, highlighted with black decor, like the table above and the patterned pillows. Curious about the type written words on mirror (have to look into that!).  Image via 55 Downing Street

white plus black decor 2Apartments To Like.com    Nothing like a white room with black stripes! A small apartment finds definition with this style.  Image via Stupic.com

white plus black decor 3Another great apartment room featuring white plus black decor. Love the chair and pillows. Simple and stately. Image via HouseArquitectura.com

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Back in Black Decor

Many a black wall has been faced with the challenge of being fashionable without looking too gothic or depressing, but I’ve found a few sample of great ways to incorporate black into your decorating and design.  This fresh and young-spirited room I found via Home Decor Arcade blends all the aspects of a modern clean feel within the darkness of black walls and furnishing. The big windows add a lot of light. When using black paint for walls, gloss or semi-gloss finish is always recommended, so that the deep color will bounce back some light.

(note the cool crystal chandelier close up in this shot – love it!)

Adding touches of black is a perfect way to break-up and modernize a white, white space, as in this desk area from Home in Furniture.com.

I have a penchant for finding and loving anything Ikea…here, some great examples of black furniture to fill in a small apartment space.

And we cannot forget a more elegant touch of black wallpaper; this one with floral motifs offers a stylish choice, especially when featured with modern furniture. So cool.

And here, going all the way, back in black on black living space…a room with ultimate stylishness though not for everyone I would think.