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Curve Appeal

Adding curves to your apartment space will create a whimsical feel and bring comfort to the eye. Hard edges no more. The following are some great ideas for you Allentown apartment. Adding a bit of circle to your space may bring you a round! Have fun.

Above image from Rug Centre. Infinite Damask rug in red and cream.

Sybarite Round sofa, curved, comfy and fun.

Canasta circular sofa…

A more classic style with a round coffee table ottoman.

Dare to be different with a curved bed.

Crop circle wallpaper add interest to any ordinary space. Consider decals for the walls to add interest and artistic flare.

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Creative Apartments: Round Rugs

Love the creative interest a circular plush carpet can make in a room…found this room at Apartment Therapy.

Green circular rugs from Ikea.

Vista beige shag rug found at The Rugs Collection.

Dhara Tufted Wool Round Rug in floral green found at Bizrate.

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