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Happy New Year

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Uniquely Created

I found this incredibly clever company called Recreate that uses discarded pieces of junk to create some unique items of furniture, lighting and accessories. The company was created by Katie Thompson. The interesting and functional repurposed furnishings give new meaning to the words “Don’t throw anything away!” Check out Recreate just for the fun of it!

Orrefors Crystal love…

I cannot say how much I love Orrefors beautiful crystal collections, sold online here in the U.S.  The hand-blown crystal is produced in Sweden with exquisite time-honored methods. True artisans created these incredible works which are in demand around the world.

Orrefors Avanti Stemware collection…

A great gift idea, the Orrefors Meteor Clock…

The Nova II vase in red…another smashing idea…

Love the soft color combination in this Soft Spot Vase in pink/lilac…

Saw this mentioned as a great hostess gift, Orrefors Tornado Crystal Votive designed by artisan Jan Johansson, creator of the Tornado and Tornado Edge Collections.  His artistic quotes follow:

“Crystal possesses a sensual, vital strength…”

“…I try to find the soul of the crystal, its innermost expression…”

Visit Orrefors for pricing and information on all crystal featured here.

Vintage Clocks

While checking around for some vintage/antique pieces that could really spice up a new apartment, I came across some vintage clocks that I remember seeing versions of as a child.  I fear I may be dating myself. In my age-ism defense, some of the decorative pieces I witnessed were probably older than me , so that said, feast your eyes on some of these clever decorative clocks, like this Classic Retro String clock.  It’s only about $85 at Vintage Looks.com.

Or this Atomic 50s Style Table Clock.  Love the retro-sci-fi look.

This Classic 50s Style Spike wall clock is one of my favorites.

Ahhh, to be away from the digital age….

All clocks can be found at Vintage Looks.