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On the level

levels tables

Love these Levels Coffee Tables by Lucie Koldova and Dan Yeffet for Per/Use.

Use the oak glass top tables, which come in black or white glass, together in an artistic arrangement or separately. A unique addition to a modern minimalist apartment.  Price starts at $3,985

Reclaimed Wood Tables

I find these natural wood tables so inspiring. Why not add a piece to your unique apartment to add a homey cottage-like feel. This wood table is made of 1800s wood beams and can be found at Unite Two Designs.

At some cabin fever to your environment. This piece is precious. Reclaimed wood coffee table available at  The Carolina Cabin Store.

This sideboard table is classic and elegant, as well as rustic in its appeal. Look for it at Woodland Creed Furniture.

Dare to go this edgy? I mean literally, this solid 5 ft. pine sofa table is made of reclaimed wood from a barn and the edges sport the results of its long life being chewed by horses!! Such a cool story. Refinished in a deep cognac color, and can be found at Cottage Home Furniture.

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Marooned – Flirting with Deep Red Design

When on ponders and looks around for the color maroon, we find everything from a deep red, to the hallowed burgundy of school color, to a dark reddish/purple. For me, maroon is all of these, but more in the red side. Perhaps I’m wrong. But dare we flirt with idea of decorating in this deeply inviting color?

Above is Maroon wallpaper with tree and flower design. Beakyandbe cool “Owl in the Wall” decal is featured.  Found at Be Interior Decorator.

Patterson maroon chenille chaise lounger found at Bisrate for $549 bucks. Cool glam.

Glass coffee table tops a maroon “s” shaped base by Italian design company Taavoli.

Metlox-Poppytrail-Vernon Hawaiian Flower Dinner plates.  At Bizrate.

Finally, go for an original print like this one: Maroon Flowers by Abramsje at Deviant Art.

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Consider the Ottoman Coffee Table….

Your new apartment space is almost complete…furniture is in place….but there’s a big hole in the center of your living room…great place to exercise, but after that, you’ll need something decorative and functional for in front of the the sofa…why not consider an ottoman coffee table? This room above we found at Ikea, who specializes in furnishing cool progressive apartment spaces. We like this comfy setting, and the pretty ottoman sets it off.  Use the ottoman for serving snacks and drinks on trays (you’ll need the tray because of the soft surface). When you’re done, remove goodies and pop up your feet for some great TV viewing.  Here are some other cool finds to spark your interest in an ottoman coffee table.

Louis Ottoman by Habersham Home.

Gervasoni Otto ottoman coffee table at Open Room Furniture.com.

And my favorite for last….not exactly a piece to throw into the middle of a room, but then….Orb Contemporary chair and ottoman, Pure Contemporary.

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