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Mirror Wall Collages

mirror collage living roomA great way to bring interest to a plain apartment wall is to design a wall collage, and an especially unique idea is a mirror wall collage. I love the idea of finding old mirrors at flea markets or garage sales and collecting them for a collage. You can also find inexpensive mirrors of different sizes in department stores as well.

mirror collageA mirror wall collage looks great in any apartment room. Love this dining room idea.

eclectic-hall-wall-mirorredLove this mirror wall collage idea for a blank wall of a stairway in a townhome or house. Keeping all the frames the same color by simply painting them to match the wall creates an interesting decor design.

mirror-nook-wallAnother nice mirror wall collage in a hallway.

sunburst mirror collageMy favorite wall mirrors are the vintage sunburst mirrors. Old and new ones can be found to create very unique mirror wall collage for your home or apartment.

Images found on Pinterest.

The Creative Wall Collage

Displaying framed art on the walls of your apartment or home can be a challenge. Taking some time to check out other arrangements by some experts can give you great ideas.  The key to this display: No even lines. All the art work slopes downward from the top/center. The pieces are basically equal spaced, about two inches apart, but the staggered effect is pleasing to the eye and draws in your interest. This is the perfect display idea if you have multiple sized artwork with different themes. The frames however do work together; they are simple and modern, so they compliment each other.

This creative art collage uses different frame options as well as art themes. The arrangement is haphazard in some ways, which gives it a groovy, artistic feel. Don’t limit your design options.

A romantic bedroom can be enhanced with rich looking oil paintings. This display collage keeps to a theme in the artwork, with subtle frame options.  A more evenly spaced presentation gives this wall a pleasing look.

Another creative idea. All antique images have similar frames and matting, as well as color scheme. They are hanging from the chair rail in the room with special hooks and staggered in lengths for balance and eye appeal.

This is perhaps my favorite idea: An arrangement of frames purchased at yard-sales or flea-markets with no images in the centers. A creative idea is to place mirrors in them, or simple wood pieces to fill in the empty space. This adds a very creative touch to your wall space. Over a small table display of similar flea market finds add even more interest.

Final idea: Set your arrangement up on the floor, with equal measurement to the wall space, before starting. This gives you an idea of how your display will look. You can play with the arrangement until just the right collage is found. Be creative…and have fun.

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Some images in article found at Elle Decor and Elegance Redefined.