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Colorful Apartments Ideas

colorful kitchen 1Nothing shows a bright, fun personality more than expressing color in your apartment space. I found some way out fun colorful apartment ideas to share. This bursting-with-color kitchen is adorable. Note the doll figures and settings on top of the cabinets. Interesting idea! Great for a girl roommates!

colorful_apartment 2Rather than the all out going-for-color with walls and cabinets, it is easy to incorporate colorful ideas into your apartment with furnishing. Bright book shelves, bedding, and accessories bring this soft white space pop with life. Fun for college students! Image via Homegue.com

Colorful-Interior-Design-For-A-Small-Apartment-1Furniture and rugs with color and life brighten this living space. Using a lot of color and not looking crazy is easy if you stick with contrasting colors that are pleasing to the eye. Greens with purples are great, and orange against any bright blue is fun. Image and more ideas at Impressive Magazine.

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Great post on the meaning of color in your life and your surroundings.

Grey and White

Cute apartment space featuring grey and white color in decor. Love this interior for today! Via InteriorMagz.

Blue and Pink Decor

Dare we be so bold?  Why not step up your apartment’s vibe, or lack there-of, and try some less traditional color choices. I’m a true lover of pink decor, when it’s done right, and blue with it adds a brilliant contrast. Love the retro feel in the photo above.  (All photos in this post via Apartment Therapy.)

Pink wallpaper…with a blue touch, so simple, so lovely.

George Quilt from Zara Home

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Marooned – Flirting with Deep Red Design

When on ponders and looks around for the color maroon, we find everything from a deep red, to the hallowed burgundy of school color, to a dark reddish/purple. For me, maroon is all of these, but more in the red side. Perhaps I’m wrong. But dare we flirt with idea of decorating in this deeply inviting color?

Above is Maroon wallpaper with tree and flower design. Beakyandbe cool “Owl in the Wall” decal is featured.  Found at Be Interior Decorator.

Patterson maroon chenille chaise lounger found at Bisrate for $549 bucks. Cool glam.

Glass coffee table tops a maroon “s” shaped base by Italian design company Taavoli.

Metlox-Poppytrail-Vernon Hawaiian Flower Dinner plates.  At Bizrate.

Finally, go for an original print like this one: Maroon Flowers by Abramsje at Deviant Art.

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Spring Freshness – Yellow

Spring has finally sprung!  What better way to add some spring freshness to your apartment’s rooms, than by adding a bit of yellow.

Love this fresh yellow sofa to add a touch of vintage yellow to your life.
Dare I say, the table is chartreuse?

Couldn’t resist this one…a yellow spiral staircase in my apartment? Where does it go?

Marimekko Tamara Bedding – Crate&Barrel

Classic Chantel Tea Pot, in yellow, to brighten any kitchen. The Tea Smith.com

Unless your kitchen is yellow…

Custom yellow kitchen for the small space, via: House to Home.
photo: Paul Massey

And finally, some exquisite and inspiring artwork featuring the color of the day.
Yellow Roses by Beth Patterson.

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Color Inspiration – Orange and Pink

Daring? Yes. Inviting?  Yes. Expressive? Yes. Enchanting? Hell, yes.  Will you eventually grow tired of orange walls? Possibly.  I guess it is safe to say that all inhabitants of the apartment or home will have to totally love this color combination.  I happen to love it. Would I do it? Possibly to some degree. The following are some of my clever finds…decor and style and fashion…

Pink and orange bedroom found at Apartment Therapy, as well as image at top. This photo: Barry Dixon Inc.  Love the twin dressers in front of windows and that sultry bedding. Stylish and feminine.

Okay, totally orange is here! With some accent pieces.

Pretty in pink perfection. This stylish pink wallpaper totally sets off this modern kitchen, adds some romance and interest. And I do not feel like a Barbie doll!

Orange and pink peonies set off this unique flower arrangement by Slim Paley. Photo by Slim too.

“South of the Border” Bedding Collection from Pine Cone Hill.

Warm and inviting: red, orange and pink bathroom ideas.

Luella Bartley fashion design 2009.

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Eclectic Design

By definition an eclectic approach to design delves into a wide range of styles selected from various design sources, yet, somehow, all fit seamlessly together creating a multifarious living space.  The image above and the following, found at House of Turquoise, give the new apartment dweller may diverse ideas for decorating in the eclectic interior design approach.  From color choices, to furniture patterns, to wall spaces, eclectically speaking, the sky is the limit.

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Feeling Blue

Got the winter blues?  Hopefully not the emotional blues, but we’ve got the design blues here.

The trend of the color blue and all its many shades of emotional bliss is still in full swing when it comes to decorating homes and apartments.  This wonderful blue living room idea we found at See the Spark opens one’s eyes to the possibilities of using blue to enhance your apartment.

Blue of course is unlimited in shade value, as we see in this powder blue retro kitchen and breakfast suite designed by Brandon Barre.  Shades of blue can be too numerous to name, but here are a few: azure, beryl, cerulean, cobalt, cornflower, cyan, indigo, midnight, navy, Prussian, Robin’s egg, royal, sapphire, sky, slate, or steel blue.

Love these “ocean” blue glass dishes found at New York Classic Party Rentals.

And the meaning of blue: Blue is calming.  It was named the color of the year in 2008.  Blue has qualities of stability, spiritual and mystical when combined with purple, and mysteriousness.  Dark blues are associated with intelligence, unity, integrity, stability, and being conservative.

Though, this wonderful bed design is far from conservative.  Found this lovely idea at Home Decoration Collection.

Easily add a touch of blue to your outdoor table with these blue plastic martini glasses that look amazingly like real glass from City Liquidators.

Ah, a piece of perfection in a blue designed home.  Clear glass chandelier with blue silk shades and blue Murano glass crystals.  Murano Imports.com.

To adorn your walls with blue beauty, consider a painting in blue tones to enhance a blank space.  This painting is by Megan Sax.

Feeling blue can lead to endless decorating ideas in your apartment.  Consider the color blue to enhance you space and create a calming, stable, and inviting environment to live in and share.

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Add a touch of color to your life: Red

Are there times (like with the start of the new year) that you feel your life needs a fresh outlook, some inspiration, some new vitality in action?  Adding a touch of color to your life can subliminally influence you, in the best ways of course.

The impact of color in our lives has been studied and written about for many years.  The power of color cannot be denied.  The color red can influence your emotions and responses.  Red symbolizes action, confidence, courage, and vitality.  It is the color of blood and symbolizes life.  It can bring focus to living and emphasis on survival.  Red is also the color of passion.

In China, red is the color of prosperity and joy.  Brides wear red and front doors are painted red.  Red is Tuesday’s color.

Put some red in your life when you want:

  • increased enthusiasm and interest
  • more energy
  • action and confidence to go after your dreams
  • protection from fears and anxiety

Wing Sofa by Grange

Karen Blixen Red Vase from 95%Danish Love it!

Pacific Connections bath accessories in bright red and white.  Cool.

I’m feeling confident and full of vitality already!

Article sources: Emily Gems and Minolo for the Home