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Loft Apartment Love

feature loft of the dayMy breath is taken away featuring this glass-floored loft apartment room found at The Lux Home.  The weird perception created is the long glass table that sits before the sofa on the glass floor (the candlesticks and candelabra are sitting on it). Took some focus, and a slight headache, to figure this contemporary interior space out. Love the slate color and white.

Glass Interior Walls

Glass interior walls are a wonderful way to open up a small space. I’m fascinated with the idea. Of course, this isn’t an option with supporting walls, but other interior wall, such as the wall in Brooklyn apartment hallway makes the space open and refreshing.

Not in need of bedroom privacy? Perfect for a single person or a couple.

Glass walls partially enclose this kitchen space. It still looks open, but the walls will block out some of the kitchen noises in this apartment.

Vintage look tub in glass walled bathing area. Bikes and guitars optional.

And who wouldn’t love this open glass wall in a top floor apartment space? Love the cool Shabby Chic feel in the decor. A bit of a fish-bowl feel, but who would see you way up there?

Apartments for Rent in Wilkes Barre Pa – Types of Apartments

If you are looking for Apartments for Rent in Wilkes Barre Pa, there are many things to consider when making your selection. There are unique and different types of apartments for rent in Wilkes Barre Pa, that vary in general size, room size, design features, location and accessibility. Studios, small apartments, 1/2 double homes, contemporary and Victorian apartments for rent in Wilkes Barre Pa are some of the types you can consider when choosing what is best for you.

A studio apartment, like the one above and in the image below, are a wonderful choice for the single person who desires to live alone. These are great apartments for rent in Wilkes Barre Pa for students and young professionals starting fresh on their own, often for the first time. Rents are a little less expensive and often include most utilities. A studio will often feature a kitchen, living room and bedroom all in one space. Baths are separate. Rent for studio apartments for rent in Wilkes Barre Pa usually start around $450.

A step above a studio apartment is to look for a small one bedroom apartments for rent in Wilkes Barre Pa.  A small apartment will feature an eat-in kitchen, a living room, bathroom and one bedroom. Rents usually start around $550 for these cozy and creative single living spaces, depending on location and amenities.

A popular choice for a larger family residence is 1/2 double home. When looking for apartments for rent in Wilkes Barre Pa you may come across quite a few of these available. A 1/2 double is one side of a double home. It is a much larger space for multiple people often featuring two or three floors of living space. The first floor is mainly the living room, leading to the dining area, leading to the kitchen, which is usually large. Archways may divide the rooms as in the image above. Two or three bedrooms are located on the second floor with a bath.

Often you may find some unique features in a 1/2 double, like a vintage tile bathroom, crown moldings and wood staircases. Third floor, if available, may be used as additional bedroom or attic storage space. 1/2 double apartments often have yards and patios and off street parking. Check with landlord. 1/2 double apartments for rent in Wilkes Barre Pa range in rental prices of $750 to $1000 a month.

When looking for apartments for rent in Wilkes Barre Pa you will often find one, two, and three bedroom modern or contemporary units available. Contemporary apartments feature simple, clean open spaces. Style is modern in feel with flooring or carpeting. Kitchen and baths are sleek and neat and easy to maintain. A balcony or terrace may be an added feature to this type of apartment. Below is a nice example of a contemporary kitchen.

Often when you are looking for nice apartments for rent in Wilkes Barre Pa you will find a Victorian apartment listed. Victorian apartments are found in large older homes or mansions built in the late 1800s or early 1900s. Large or small, these apartments will often feature beautiful architectural details that you don’t find in complex apartments. They often feature hard-wood floors, carved wood door frames, stained glass or unique window detailing, fireplaces (working or non-working), vintage tile work in kitchen or bath, claw foot tubs, and chandeliers.

You can still go with a modern feel in decor with a Victorian apartment. The beautiful room details in the crown moldings, window, and the fireplace add a lot of warmth to this more contemporary living space. More modern kitchens and baths are often found in Victorian apartments because they are new additions to the old house space. Prices for these rental are $750 and up.

When looking for apartments for rent in Wilkes Barre Pa visit ApartmentsToLike.com for complete up to date listings of these types of apartments and much more.

Teen Room of the Week

Contemporary teen room of the week. Simple, clean and neat.

BM Architect design by Carlos Tiscar. Via Interiorich