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Cozy Chic Living Rooms

Chic-San-Francisco-living-room-with-a-cozy-converstaion-nookIn keeping with the “cozy” inspiration this week (it is so much cooler this week here in PA) I have yet another post featuring cozy chic living rooms for apartment spaces. Love this quiet little apartment nook that is great for reading, conversation or just relaxing alone. Via Decoist.com

cozy chic livingThe key to cozy is comfy furniture with a limited space, often what apartment dwellers often have to deal with. Make it chic with a simple color scheme such as white and black and add some original touches, like the zebra rug, cozy on the toes. Via Decopad  Apartments To Like.com

scandinavian bathroom design, scandinavian design, bathroomI love Scandinavian design for cozy chic living rooms. Always simple and time enduring. Image link

Cozy White Room

cozy white roomsLove a cozy white room, the perfect color theme to make a small room bright as well as comfortable. Image

Apartments to Like.com

Small Bedroom Ideas – Bed Nooks

Small apartments have their charm but coming up with small bedroom ideas to make your space inviting and not overwhelming can be a chore. Many small apartments feature a nook space, a little jut out of a room space often as small as 5 or 6 feet. I’ve dealt with such a space and it ended up becoming the closet and storage area…but here’s a thought?  Why not make this little nook a bed nook?

A bed nook conjures up images in my head of a cozy little space that I would crawl into to relax, set aside my day, read a book until I get so sleepy….A tiny bedroom suddenly becomes a desirable haven.  A bed nook can be made from a closet also, one that is large enough to fit a single or twin bed, of course.

So don’t feel limited by your small bedroom space. Keep it simple and clutter-free and don’t hesitate to create a cozy bed nook for your slumbering spirit.

All images via Apartment Therapy

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