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Dining Delights

dining delights blueLove, love, love these blue chairs….The colors in this room and the one beyond delight the eye.  Via SawyHomeBlog

dining delight tanSimple, neutral and a dining delight. Love long, long drapes. Image via AbodeDesignShop.com

vintage-dining-room-design-white-color-schemeAnd of course, who does not like a dining delight in white on white. Beautiful glass top table. We have one similar. So glad we kept it. Via Furniture Trendzona

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Glassware exploration

With a final chip this past weekend, actually a crack down the entire glass, my last set of six is now a five, to go with my sets of four that are down to three, which leads me today to explore glassware options. It’s time for a new every day set, and a new guest set. Although I enjoy the possibilities of serving drinks in a variety of stemware or glassware, the symmetry of the set table can be frightening if the glasses don’t match…at least in style if not size. My endeavor led me to my favorite company for glassware, Libbey. Most of their collections are made in the USA or Mexico, which is great. And very reasonably priced. Above is the Argyle Glassware set – 12 piece at $19.99. Here are a few other choices I like:

The Classic Mocha Rocks set which remind me of my mother’s back in the 70s. Love the retro look and feel of these. On the order list. 4 piece – $11.99

The perfect Goblet Party Set. 12 glasses in the set, symmetry for the table is satisfied! $27.99

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