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Doylestown Pa Apartments – Shabby Chic

Being creative with Shabby Chic style in Doylestown Pa apartments can be a fun endeavor. Little touches of carved mirrors, unique tables, and cushiony furniture, even in a small room, will bring this chic design home.

An old Victorian bathroom in Doylestown Pa apartments is perfect for Shabby chic style decor options. Adding soft curtains, creative ironworks, and softer feminine touches make a long hot bath with a cool glass of wine a most welcoming experience.

A nice touch to a Doylestown Pa apartments home office is an antique style writing desk with pretty chair. Simple, white, and totally chic.

Many Doylestown Pa apartments  feature dining  spaces. Shabby chic style decor is beautiful in the eating area.  A white table, pillows on chairs, and of course, a chandelier, complete this gorgeous shabby chic room.


A perfect addition to a corner of Doylestown Pa apartments : A French shabby chic table and chair. Visiting local flea markets and antique sales for interesting pieces to add to your decor.

Elegant, romantic, with a touch of vintage appeal, this gorgeous Shabby Chic minimalist canopy bed would be perfect in the bedroom space of Doylestown Pa apartments. To get the look: a marshmallow fluffy comforter, pillows upon pillows, all in crisp white. Crystal chandelier is a nice romantic touch.

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Apple Decor For Your Doylestown Apartment


I know it’s still pumpkin season, but the almighty apple still shares the reins for Autumn in my book…and kitchen. Why not consider some apple decor options for you Doylestown apartment?  Right now my place is full of pumpkins, a few still of the natural nature, and hopefully not over-ripening, and some of the synthetic nature. But now I’m considering going Apple!
photo above via Southern Highroads.org

The warmth of these Apple Candles with bring life to your Doylestown apartment when featured on the dining table, counters, coffee table or any side-table. Photo via Apartment Therapy.

Everyone knows compost is great for the garden, but you can’t always keep those heaping left-overs around too long, and heading out to the compost heap is not always easy to do, so here’s a lovely option. The Apple Compost Crock. It’s so pretty and can be kept on your counter as decor. Inside features a carbon filter to keep odors at bay until you empty. I just like the container, period.
photo via Apartment Therapy.

More for you Doylestown apartment kitchen – the perfect paper towel holder with sturdy apple design and a matching Apple dish drainer.  Love these! from Ginnys.com.

Although this image is showing a wedding table, I want to use it in two weeks for my Thanksgiving feast…an arrangement of apples on the table will be lovely and refreshing for any dinner party. Use reds, greens, and yellow apples for full pleasure.  photo via My Biggest Day

Hope you find inspiration in apple decor for your Doylestown apartment. Any big Thanksgiving decorating plans to share?

Bold Color Choices: Coral and Rose for Your Doylestown Apartment Decor

Vibrancy, warmth, energy…all words that can be associated with the bold color choices or coral and rose for your Doylestown apartment decor.  It takes and confident soul to dive into this decorating scheme, but the intensity it will bring to your apartment will make you place a true living experience, not to mention a conversation subject to anyone who enters as in this deliciously artful room from Lorraine G. Vale. Coral also brings to mind the season of Autumn, the setting sun and the various shades of citrus fruits.

The passionate and vibrant coral color need not dominate your Doylestown apartment space but can simply stand out in the background, offering a subtle, yet intense color to your furnishings. The color coral is less aggressive and softer than true orange.  Photo via Country Living.com.

While coral is more sun-filled and energetic, the color rose suggests a more soothing energy.  Rose pink, as in these chairs, suggests the feminine, delicate nature, and can bring a playfulness to your Doylestown apartment. Photo via Country Living.

Going all out with a brighter rose pink suggests passion. This shade of pink is the universal color of love according to Feng Shui principles, and with it comes a playfulness and a tenderness one can only associate with feminine love. The color will give a magnetic feel to your Doylestown apartment when paired with a dark bold color.  Photo via Atticmag.com 

I love these creative color ideas found at JuBella. These give a hint at what the bold colors of coral or rose and do with your Doylestown apartment decor.

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