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Floral Print Curtains

large-floral-print-curtains 1

Floral print curtains or drapes can bring beautiful life to a plain room. I love these floral print panels found at Curtains Colors.com.

floral curtains 2A pink theme? Love the vintage perfection of these floral print curtains with matching wallpaper. A daring and most romantic move.

floral curtains 3

A colorful space for a young person with creative floral curtains.

Apartments to like.com

Flower Frenzy

When done right, flower prints can be a stunning addition to your apartment’s or home’s decor. Here, I love the pale shades of blue, green, white and gold together.

Gorgeous flower print canvases found at Maisons du Monde.

Or add this floral print rug in purple, raspberry and lime. Available at Deals Direct.