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elle decor room of the week

image via Elle Decor

lavender table

Picture 241

Nothing cooler than lavender walls.

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White Bedrooms


Have a small apartment space? White is the way to go. Today we feature beautiful bedroom spaces…on the tiny side, but lovely and full of great decor ideas.

small white bedroom 2

small white bedroom



Apartments to Like.com

Flower Frenzy

When done right, flower prints can be a stunning addition to your apartment’s or home’s decor. Here, I love the pale shades of blue, green, white and gold together.

Gorgeous flower print canvases found at Maisons du Monde.

Or add this floral print rug in purple, raspberry and lime. Available at Deals Direct.

Apartments to Like

apartments to likeApartments to Like

Apartments for Rent in Wilkes Barre Pa – what type of apartment do you need?

A lot of times  when renters are searching for apartments for rent in Wilkes Barre Pa, they do not consider what type of apartment that they need. When looking, a renter will often jump into going to see apartments for rent in Wilkes Barre Pa that they think sounds nice in the listing, without considering what they really need. It may be too expensive, but time and time again, a renter will pick these out of reach apartment for rent in Wilkes Barre Pa, and end up wasting time and money when they find out that they just cannot afford the new place.

It is time for renters to consider what they really need. Are you a single person, looking to live alone?  Efficiency or one bedroom apartments for rent in Wilkes Barre Pa would be the way to go.  When detailing you search at ApartmentsToLike.com you can simply type in one bedroom in the Bedrooms button and the listing generator will present you with only those apartments for rent with one bedroom.

Are you a couple, or a person with a roommate, looking for in apartments for rent Wilkes Barre Pa? When on the search page on the website, consider typing in two in the bedroom option and see what comes up. More bedrooms means a little more money, and the location or part of town will also effect your rental rate, but with two incomes this will be affordable. One bedroom apartments can be nice also, for a couple, or couples newly married, but inevitably you will feel like you need another room for a home office, or working out, or perhaps a guest room.

If rent price is the consideration, as it should be, use the Rent minimum and Rent maximum buttons to fine tune your apartment search.

Renters should consider also where they will need to live. How close to work are the apartments for rent in Wilkes Barre Pa in the listings you find? What part of the city? Is it close enough to work? Is it convenient for shopping and groceries? Do I want to live in a quiet neighborhood, or in the heart of a busy and often noisy city? These are all things to consider in your search.  When looking at the listing page at ApartmentsTo Like.com type in the city or part of town you are hoping to live in and see what comes up. If you like areas on the outskirts of Wilkes Barre, such as Kingston, Edwardsville, Plains, Luzerne or Pittston, you can simply type in those locations to enhance your search.

It’s easy to find the right apartments for rent in Wilkes Barre Pa and the surrounding areas once a renter hones in on some of his particular needs. Visit Renters Stuff at ApartmentsToLike.com for more helpful information on finding your new rental space.

Green Vintage

Loving vintage…loving green…image via Rafter Tales

Inspired by this chaise…via Housecret

Cool bedroom idea…”retro” platform bedroom set by Alfemo from The Furniture.com.

Teak frame Hans Wegner sofa from Denmark via Metro Retro Funiture

Visit Apartments i Like.com for new listings of available rentals.

Wilkes Barre Pa Apartments – Peach Decor

Wilkes Barre Pa apartments. Welcome to the freshness of spring with peach decor options for the rooms in your Wilkes Barre Pa apartments. Adding peach touches with wallpaper, curtains and sofa cushions give a white room a soft warm feel.

Peach, peach and more peach furniture pieces for Wilkes Barre Pa apartments. Dark wood contrasts with peach colored fabrics come together with two toned peach walls.

The warmth of the dining room in soft shades of peach. Contrast the Wilkes Barre Pa apartments peach decor with gray for a unique look.

The complimentary color of blue enhances this peach walled living room. Great traditional design choice for Wilkes Barre Pa apartments.

The spirit of peach can be found in this modern luxury bedroom space.

For a listing of available Wilkes Barre Pa apartments for rent visit Apartmentstolike.com

Emmaus Pa Apartments – American Made Furniture

Moving into one of the lovely Emmaus Pa apartments will make a new renter desire some new quality American made furniture. Why not go for style, durability, and all the lasting qualities of furniture made here in the USA for your Emmaus Pa apartments?

The Fairfield Chair Company, located in Lenoir, North Carolina,  is a  manufacturer of beautiful upholstered chairs, loveseats, and sofas, as well as fine wood finished tables and desk chairs. The company opened in 1921 and had held up to the highest standards of beauty and product reliability. The great craftsmanship and superb tailoring of each piece results in perfect individualized furniture made just for you in Emmaus Pa apartments.

You will have many options in chair styles to choose for your Emmaus Pa apartments.  Fairfield features numerous hand-crafted chair designs including lounge chairs, like the one above, swivel chairs, winged chairs, wood-accented chairs and parsons chairs.

Upholstery options are another great thing to consider when picking the perfect sofa for your Emmaus Pa apartments living room, and Fairfield has gorgeous materials to choose from. Just another way to personalize each piece of furniture for you own expression.

Cocktail ottomans come in a variety of styles and colors. I love this one!

And, not to forget the home office of your Emmaus Pa apartments…Office chairs designed to you preference are available.

Remember to think American Made when choosing new furnishings in Emmaus Pa apartments.

Apartments i Like.com

Creative Dining for Scranton Pa. Apartments

For Monday I’m exploring some creative dining spaces for Scranton Pa. Apartments.  Or any apartments of course! These ideas are infused with color. They add brightness and show a unique spirit when living in Scranton Pa.

The chairs and table above, all different and of different colors, add a youthful feel, yet are very adult. Getting chairs at yard sales and flea markets and different paint colors make this an easy and spirited apartment dining space idea.

Going deep and fabulous! In this unique pink for your Scranton Pa. apartments.

Mean and green and ultra modern…green, gray and white add a soothing touch to your Scranton Pa. apartments.

Blue and orange statements give a lovely feel to this grand living space. Love to see that glass top tables are making a come-back!

This is considered a Christmas table via Dining Room Design, but I love the color choices here for other occasions as well.

Looking for available Scranton Pa. apartments for rent? Visit Apartmentstolike.com for listings.

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Scranton Pa. Apartments – White and Turquoise Living

Your new Scranton Pa. apartment can be refreshing and lovely by selecting bright new color choices – like white and turquoise. It’s a daring move, I know, and not for the faint decorator’s heart. This living room above is both bold and relaxing. The dark furniture contrasts the space and the patterned sheers and carpet bring it together. Scranton Pa. apartment listings.

A white bedroom in your Scranton Pa. apartment can easily be given a boost with touches of aqua and turquoise.

The ease of Shabby Chic style using mainly turquoise and white can make a small room in your Scranton Pa. apartment glow with life and welcoming comfort. Grab a book and curl up next to the window.

Simple touch of turquoise in a white on white bedroom. Beautiful.

If you are looking for available Scranton Pa. apartments for rent visit Apartmentstolike.com for listings.

Landlords with available Scranton Pa. apartments can advertise for Free!