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Furniture Feature – Slobproof!

groove sectionalWe love finding great furniture for apartments, townhouses and homes, especially when it’s American Made! Slobproof! is a great find. It’s name derives from the furniture construction and materials that make it almost indestructible. Slobproof furniture fabrics are designed to be stain resistant, moisture resistant, odor-proof and anti-microbial and are guaranteed for five years.

We love the Groove Sectional in this warm tan color. $3,999

daisy sofaThe Daisy Lounge is another cool favorite. $1,799
Slobproof furniture comes in many fabrics and color choices as well as patterns.

lucy chairThe Lucy Chair looks great. $1,399


Unique and Modern Chair Design

What apartment is complete without a signature chair to set off your unique design taste. Here are a few ideas to set your love for chairs going.

Okay, I definitely have to have this Surf Lounge Chairs…posting in comfort….

Fiberglass Panton Chair…

Moda Chair in yellow from HStudio.

Super modern and elegant pink flower chair….

The EJ 6 Yasmin Chair

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