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Smart Desk for a Small Space


Looking for a smart desk for a small space apartment with smart style?
Check out BDI Cascadia Desk collection. This creative modern design desk brings function and statement all in one. It comes with options for drawer storage as well, and different color choices. Featured here is Desk 6201 in espresso. Check bdusa.com for more info as well.


White Office Space

white office space 1Sticking with the white theme this week I’ve found a unique white office space for an apartment that really shines.  I love the duel purpose of the built in counter: a sewing area plus computer station. I would probably never leave this room.  Image found at A Touch of Lux  Visit Apartments To Like.com

Shabby Chic Home Office

shabby chic home officeA few simple touches to your home office can bring a Shabby Chic feel of comfort and warmth. A soft pillow on your chair, flowers in a vase, and softer color choices contribute here. The hutch for office shelves a nice touch too.

French-inspired-home-officeGo different. Shabby chic antique finds for a home or apartment office can make a space comfortable and welcoming.

shabby chic officeCheck out this great home office space with Shabby chic elements in the softest of teal hues. More images of this shabby chic home office at Modern Home Idea.


Cool Desk

Eclectic Office Style

I love unique and eclectic home office spaces. Not just a desk in a corner, these spaces express the personality of the owners. They a both comfortable and versatile as well as eclectic in design. In the image above we find a sophisticated mix in the decor choices. Love the deep painting on the recessed wall contrasting with the brightness of the windows. Great view. Via Apartment Therapy.

via Nuestra Vida Dolce

Love the more English country feel of this eclectic home office. Image via Mox Design Interiors.

Eclectic vintage home office via Elle Decor

I love the unique shape of this desk and the olive wallpaper design by Dafue Heighes, Inc.

Chic White Room Interiors

Oh, how I love chic white room interiors. A bit of color here or there is fine, and the contrast of dark wood with white on white I find stunning. Today’s post features white room decor with a classic feel. I love the setting above with all the artwork in a beautifully arranged collage.

Chic French white living room with stunning gold and metal touches. Powder pink pillows and the crystal chandelier set this space off perfectly.Via Decor Pad.

Stunning and fashionable white dining table in beige accented room. Love the brocade dining sofa.

Keeping the home office space crisp and white with this modern desk and chair, amidst a more classic room setting. Lovely.

I love the simplistic feel of this chic white bath featuring an architectural window wall mural.

All decked, and all white. The perfect deck space to snuggle with a glass of chardonnay and a good classic book like The Great Gatsby or The Wings of the Dove.

Beautiful and luxurious with a cottage feel. I could stay forever in this gorgeous white bedroom. Via Canyon Wren Cottage blog.

Wilkes Barre Pa Apartments – Small Apartment Office Space

Living in Wilkes Barre Pa apartments, whether roomy or small, can leave you with limited space for a home office area, for studying or for online work at home. The first thing to do is to look for that “dead” space in your Wilkes Barre Pa apartments, an area that lacks design inspiration, such as an extra wall, the window area, a dead end hallway, a room that’s just too small to be called a room (though I’d suggest making that a walk-in closet if you need closet space!). Or, like many Wilkes Barre Pa apartments dwellers, reconsider your dining area for conversion into an office.

This is a great example of making a fresh little office area from a dining space. Your small office will also serve to divide a large living room up into a more intimate space.

Once you’ve found a space in your Wilkes Barre Pa apartments for you small office, think VERTICAL! Use the walls for shelves above and around the desk area to hold books, magazines, folders, whatever reference materials you need for work or study. If your desk is small or short on drawers, unlike the one above, an investment in a two-drawer file cabinet for under your desk would be worth while. Important files and personal information can be stored in them, as they often come with locking mechanisms. Above image is of Vitsoe shelving by Dieter Rams. Vitsoe is a London based company with a New York showroom. These retro styled (original of the 1960s) shelves can be ordered online.

Love this simple clean home office style for your Wilkes Barre Pa apartments from Atlas.

Above all, it is most important to keep your Wilkes Barre Pa apartments office area as neat and organized as possible. Make sure clutter does not accumulate, particularly if your desk is in the main living room or your bedroom. Use creative decor such as framed photos, artwork, or small vases to add personal touches to your small apartment work area.

A sample of cute and functional use of an unneeded (is there such a thing?) closet. This space is fun and creative, and what’s best, you can shut the doors and close off you work space when you’re done! Great option in Wilkes Barre Pa apartments.

Love this great small office set in an area without function in an apartment. Love the lighting features shown here and great use of shelf organization to produce a calming work space.

Your Wilkes Barre Pa apartments office area can be a creative focal point in your living room, or bedroom, and not just a drudgery work space. Make it a unique expression with artwork and decor.

Another option: partition your little office area from your Wilkes Barre Pa apartments living room by creative use of shelves. Separating the space will free your mind from focusing on work.

Modern and minimalist…could fit into any small space!

Making a small apartment office space in your Wilkes Barre Pa apartments need not be difficult, but can become a fun, creative design challenge. Research some ideas and think out of the basic corner box.

For a complete listing of Wilkes Barre Pa apartments for rent visit Apartments to Like.com

The Vintage Desk – Mad Men Inspired

So I love the show Mad Men and have been suffering withdrawal symptoms since the last episode, and no hope for relief is in sight from what I read…the next season won’t be airing until January 2012!!

One of my main reasons for the love of this show is that it’s set in the 60s, and the style coordinators and set production are impeccable. You feel as if you’ve stepped back in ad industry time. Thus, I am inspired by my favorite show, Mad Men, in finding some unique desk accessories for my office.

The Mad Men office set…so cool. Check out the black phones and the Selectric typewriters.

But I love, love, love this 1961 Royal typewriter I found at Machines of Loving Grace.

Sleek Bruno Adjustable “C” arm Desk Lamp by Robert Abbey. $116.50

This whole office set up is gorgeous…Danish Teak desk. The chair doesn’t look comfy, but the lamp is precious! Inspiring ideas!

Although I couldn’t imagine this retro 60s TV chrome plated clock sitting on Don Draper’s desk, I just think it is so cute. Makes me smile. At Reeves of Bath.

Simplicity, and 60s style. Love this Soho Office Chair from British furniture manufacturers Morgan Furniture.

What’s a vintage desk without the perfect phone? A Western Electric 302, circa 1960, from NY Bell!

And since everyone drinks and smokes in the 60s office we must adorn the desk with a most unique ashtray. Love this beauty, finger folded ashtray, sure to be a conversation piece and paperclip holder. Candy? Or a Lipgloss holder? I don’t smoke but I want one anyway. I have a hundred uses!

Apartments I Like.com

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