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Unique Tree Rooms

tree interiorsUnique Tree Rooms… uh, what would it be like to have a tree growing through a room in your apartment or home?  Pretty cool, I’d have to say by looking at these pics.  The tree is encased with a glass structure that opens to the ceiling, creating a sky light for the room, as well as life sustaining light for the tree. I assume those glass panels open for watering.

tree interiors 2 we heart itTree in a room…via WeHeartIt

tree interiors 3Tree in bedroom via Lush Home.com  ApartmentstoLike.com

The Untraditional Christmas Tree

untraditional christmas tree decorThe un-traditional Christmas Tree decor option…for that corner of the house that just needs something. Love this idea. Via Home House Design

Creative Bookshelves

If you’re anything like me, when you move into your new apartment one of the main things you have to content with are the numerous and bicep inducing heavy boxes of books that you have to move.  And then comes the most heart stopping question:  Where will I put them?

If your new apartment doesn’t have built-in books shelves, like this one in a Soho loft, then you may face some decisions on how to design a nice space to store your books, CDs, and DVDs.  I scouted around and found some lovely options that are both creative and expressive.  A lot of shelf design options can be built yourself, if you have some wood working skills, but otherwise going for a unique shelf in your living space can work as a storage area as well as an artistic feature.

This bookshelf unit, believe it or not, is made of cardboard, as well as the following one:

I couldn’t help but be inspired by this circular design, especially with the spiral working in it. And, they are environmentally friendly. Design by Giles Miller who makes unique cardboard products.

Don’t forget to look for the unusual.  This Quasi-hexagonal bookcase is a great example of design and modern thinking.  I love the way the books kind of fall into a mad-cap arrangement in these odd shaped spaces, giving the piece a neat yet artistic feel. This bookcase was designed by Sean Yoo and is made of polypropylene – uh, the stuff that the bumper of your car is made of, which makes this book shelf quite durable and ready for action.

Shelving with a modern vibe: These Tangram Bookshelves come in 7 pieces that you can arrange in your design preference.  Bring your imagination to the table, or in this case the wall! Here, I like what looks like a cat in the upper right, and the tie figure in the lower right (blue).  The top left looks like a waiter to me… check out Like Cool for info on these shelves.

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That mocha, java, chocolate color…

…what lovely words to hear instead of brown, beige and tan…and what lovely design options we have for your apartment or home when we choose the color of mocha…or chocolate.  This blue and brown  wallpaper pattern will add a “wow” factor to any room and brighten up a dark space while keeping with a chocolate theme.

Love the simple, clean look of this modern inspiration.  Using two colors in furniture adds interest and contrast.  Note the entertainment center design also.  Flower highlights awaken the plain wall space…and who wouldn’t want that window? We should all be so lucky…

Highlight a living space with this unique hand tooled antique brown leather decorative pillow from Southwest Sensations.

Brown kitchens…of course! Especially love the chocolate and white contrast in the upper left image.  A simple white kitchen can find dramatic design when decorated with dark brown accessories or fixtures.  Stools, bowls, canister, decorative plates and lighting are interesting ways to add to the color scheme.

Vases Collection…brown with beige line….

Okay…so I’m cheating here a bit…not everything is chocolate or java in color, but I simply loved the chocolate colored claw-footed tub and the tile work in this picture.  Old tubs can be painted on the outside any color…another way to redesign and older bathroom space.

This soft, welcoming bedroom features delightful coffee colored walls, deep wood nightstands and dressers, with the high contrast of white furniture, doors and windows, and bedding.  A nice fresh feel in a small room.  Found this idea at Houzz.com

A local restaurant featured chocolate wine over the Valentine’s Day and it  became so popular it is a regular item now….it was a lovely milky brown color with a nice kick…After all that decorating, we need and deserve this.  Enjoy!

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New Blue: Turquoise

So yes, I am still on a blue kick, and found a nice site called House of Turquoise that is full of the many delightful shades of blue or highlighting any apartment or home.

Nice use of turquoise/teal colored curtains and fixtures above the table.  Turquoise is a unique color…with a hint of green…

Aqua – turquoise kitchen: pale, fresh, comfy.

Lovely bedroom ideas in turquoise and shades of blue with white from Malabar.

Entry way table with painting and walls in lovely shades we found at House Beautiful.

Love this set up. Incredible design ideas in shades of blue…the dishes and vases especially pleasing to this eye.  Design by Hulya Kolabas.

This James Merrell table is cool and inspiring.

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Decorative Tiles

Making you new apartment unique is key to making it a home, and with a little work, or a little cash you can invest easily in your space and be creative.  Consider decorative tiles as natural way to enhance your living space.  Above are samples of various Mediterranean tiles that come in hand-painted styles. From Design Boom.

Spanish handmade tile with enamels and 24k gold. Made in South Spain.
Spanish Plates.com

Upgrade that kitchen…Kitchen tiles in creative patterns make an artistic expression of your eatery.  Best if installed professionally.  Found this kitchen at  Rebecca Lukens Designs.

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Decorative tiles for kitchen and bath.  Tile designs at Bhagya Traders.

Finally, got to love this expressive idea. Tile with built in graffiti will make a bathroom unique and quite a conversation piece.  Tiles: Dan Krusi

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