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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2016 Celebration Champagne Glasses Desktop Wallpaper

May your New Year be blessed and full of love, health and happiness!


Studio Apartment

awesome studio apartmentStudio Apartment of the Week.  Apartments to Like.com

image via Tumblr

Modern White Interiors

modern white interiorsModern white interiors are a great way to make a small apartment space shine beautifully. Feminine touches, printed pillows, and that unique chandelier set this design space off. Would love this in an apartment living room. Image found at Via House.

modern white interiorHere, another creative white interior space for a small apartment. White opens up everything. Image via Beauty Home Designs.

“We shape our homes and then our homes shape us.”

~Winston Churchill

Modern white interior via Home Interior Design Info.





New Blog Award

I send out a heart-filled thanks to Claudia at Where You Found Me for this incredible nod in the blog-o-sphere. We spend so much time typing and clicking away in our little corners and it’s great to know that what we do is so appreciated.

So Claudia has posted some interesting questions for her nominees, and I’d like to take a few moments to answer them.

1. What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Drink coffee.

2. Coffee or tea? Uh…coffee...

3. Which celebrity would you like to go dinner with? RobinWilliams

4. Which country would you like to scape right now to? Venice,Italy

5. How do you relax?  Yoga, reading a good book, or watching Million Dollar Listing

6. Are you addicted to something? To what?  Instagram (my iPhone actually)

7. Do you regret not having done something in your childhood? Don’t we all have something we wish we would have done when we were kids?

8. If you could chose your life job, what would you be? Travelingthe world and writing posts and articles on interiors that I find amazing. I’d get paid six figures plus for this job, of course.

9. Apple or windows? Windows PC (so far I eat Apples, I don’t type on them)

10.  What’s the thing you hate the most? When someone sees you coming but still steps out in front of you and stops right in your path. This happens in the supermarket all the time. I’ll be cruising along heading for those Chinese noodles and some woman will step right in front of my cart and stare at the duck sauce. Seriously, is she the only person in world? Would it have killed her to wait a few seconds for me to pass? Do they have cloaking devices on my Wegman’s shopping carts? Perhaps I am invisible when I shop. Anyway, I like duck sauce. Next time I’ll tell her to throw one into my invisible shopping cart!

11. If you had a super power which one would be? Superman’sstrength, speed, and agility. Then I could get everything done in the day and still have time to read a good book. (Unless, of course, I was out saving the world…one room at a time…)

Here are my nominees:

Iris Interiors, LLC

Interior Stockholm

Tresors De Luxe

Out of the Birdcage

Prana and Peaches

People, Places and Bling!

Summer Style Interiors

I’m not sure if Summer can be considered a style, but summery interiors, with fresh white-ish, soft-cozy furnishings and decor choices make me inspired with the hot season. Keeping cool is the goal…and these interiors give me that feeling. Enjoy.

Iced tea or lemonade?

Green with Envy

Japanese Style Decor

Sick of all the clutter? Then Japanese style decor may be the option for your apartment space. There is a calmness and tranquility that presents itself when designing a room in this style option. Colors are up to you. Dark colors, with black polished wood and reds or pinks work, or for more quiet solitude, peace with your thoughts, go for the pale shades of bamboo, ivory, white, grey, pale green or natural wood tones. Image above from Kaltara Online.

Keep it simple and solve your blank wall dilemma with this Sakura Flowers wall decal, Asian Tattoo Graphic home decor. Via: Tattoodonkey

Feeling Zen? Here are basic guidelines for Japanese style decor:

– Place all furniture in geometric order, lines coordinate and parallel with equal distances. (My OCD need for everything even works here).

– Everything in balance. A balance of polished wood and textures for example, or colors of black and white. Think Yin&Yang symbol.

– Lighting is lantern-like, boxy or round. Shades are made from rice paper or silk.

– Simple panels dress the windows, or simple blinds that coordinate with walls.

– Benches for seating sit on floor. Use Goza mats on tables and Goza rugs are great floor coverings.

– Use rice paper screens to divide spaces or seating areas of your apartment’s rooms. Shaji screens are a nice choice. The rice paper in not see through, but allows enough light to pass to give rooms soft illumination. (Perhaps we can bring this to our minds also.)

Hope you find Japanese style decor and enlightened option for your apartment.

Additional images via Target Woman, Bedroom Interior Design.org, NaBuzz, and Themed Home Decor.

Apartments i Like.com

A Peach Apartment

There’s something about a peach apartment. Nothing says more of elegance, warmth and romance than a lovely warm peach shade of color to highlight your Wilkes-Barre apartment’s decor. Consider this color when looking for a change in overall feeling to your new place, or your old one. Here, I love the contrasting colors of rust and olive green to balance the peach toned walls. White accents and dark wood always work. Image via Food and Home.

What can be lovelier to softly brighten a young girl’s room in your Wilkes-Barre apartment?
Image via The Kid’s Room Decor.

Need a new idea for your Wilkes-Barre apartment? This peach and plum decor contemporary bedroom idea is refreshing and fun. Image via Interior Ideaz.

Soft peach adds brightness and warmth to a long hallway in your Wilkes-Barre apartment. If your apartment is in an older house or mansion that’s been converted to apartments you will often find gorgeous door frames and window frames that can be contrasted with white as shown here. Check with your landlord for the okay to your creative painting ideas. Image via Home Design.

This goes on my list of favorite rooms: a peach Moroccan-style living room with pink and beige toned highlights. Dynamic yet warm…perfect for a unique change in your Wilkes-Barre apartment. image via A Touch of Luxe.

If you are looking for a Wilkes-Barre apartment, or one in Luzerne county of PA, visit Apartmentstolike.com for available listings.

Lovely Thankgiving Tables

Hope you find design inspiration for your Thanksgiving table…something new and fresh.  And be thankful always for family and friends to share this time with.

All images via Apartment Therapy, Martha Stewart, and Dwellstudio.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Tailored Townhouse by Celerie Kemble (via )

Check out this breath-taking townhouse by Celerie Kemble Elle decor….Feeling inspired.

The Tailored Townhouse by Celerie Kemble Celerie Kemble Elle Decor … Read More