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Plum Perfect

I sometimes balk at the word purple…especially when it comes to design and interior decorating. But when looking for a new theme to a room in your Allentown apartment, why not think VIOLET, PLUM, or AUBERGINE.  Lovely words.  And this couch is so elegant, not to mention the plum Shakespeare. A nice literary touch.

Love this plum color bedding idea and the simplicity of the iron bed. Check out the plum rosette bedding and many other ideas for your Allentown apartment at Anthropologie.

Add a twilight plum throw carpet to any open space in your Allentown apartment.  The shade of this one is beautiful. Find it at Rugs Centre.

One-of-a-kind decorative crafts for your Allentown apartment can be found at Etsy.com.

Plum up your apartment’s bathroom with some accessories from Debenhams.

And finally, the easiest way to add a touch of plum to your Allentown apartment is with great art.  Here, a plum art themes fashion illustration find at Mimikri Hot Couture. Click image for artist’s link.

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Apartment Inspiration

Tamara Mellon, co-founder and President of the Jimmy Choo Company, famous for its top-of-the-line chic shoes, made a move to New York City last year and her apartment is sheer inspiration…Why not take some ideas and decorate your Allentown apartment with a similar color scheme. The browns and peaces with chartreuse chairs are delicious.

and a glamorous apartment it is, to go with a glamorous woman.  Tamara had her apartment designed by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard and describes it as: “my own signature look, something that is both modern and old and glamorous, a bit of 70s but a bit minimal.” Enhance your Allentown apartment with some ques from this glam room:

Love the 70s feel here…and all the white shagginess of it all….Give your Allentown apartment a comfy feel with soft throws and pillows too numerous to count tossed on a L-shaped couch.

You can add a spark to any room, as Tamara does here with a light-up neon sign expressing “love” and splash some color in your Allentown apartment with a big red chandelier.  We love chandeliers!

And really, what could a girl want more than a closet full of Jimmy Choos? I dare you to answer that one.  And what a closet?! I wish I could fit this one, shoes and all, in my Allentown apartment, of course I’d have to get like six jobs to afford all these shoes….it would be worth it, if I had time to wear them.

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