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New York City Apartments – Architecture and Entrances

New York City Apartments… We all know the architecture around and about New York City is fascinating.  I went on a search for some interesting entrances that anyone may come across when stepping out of their New York City apartments. These special little places caught my eye.  Above the Chelsea International Hostel, a haven for student travelers. Image from About.com/student travel.

Another unique place: Hells Kitchen boarding house on West 51st Street.

Beautifully photographed classic Brownstone entrance. via A Day Not Wasted.

New York City apartments and buildings, unique and wondrous living. Image via Box of Ashes at deviantART.

This on is called Her Soul For a Brownstone, by Project Blancoyd at deviantART, another cool entrance to New York City apartments.

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New York City Apartments – Kitchen Love

What makes some New York City apartments great is the unique ways small kitchens are designed. This tiny apartment kitchen is cozy, clean and functional.

A cool and eclectic eat-in New York City apartment kitchen.

A bit more spaciousness is featured in this New York City apartments kitchen. White and clean with an unusual counter top (in foreground). These three images via Apartment Therapy.

Another unique modern kitchen with lots of space. Love the deep dish sink and the butcher block counter tops. The wood floors set off the country feel in this New York City apartment kitchen.

I love this tiny New York City apartment kitchen. Clean and fresh feeling. One thing about small kitchens: easy to clean up! Image via The Kitchen Vote

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