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Photography Wall Gallery

photography display

Blank walls in your new apartment or home got you down? Why not print out some of the awesome photos you have stored on your computer and frame them? Creating a photography wall gallery can be a great experience and will make your living space your own. A great idea is to create the gallery of uniform size and matted frames. Display in straight lines for crisp finished effect, or stagger to add artistic flare.

Theme your gallery photos is another great idea. Feature a set of all flowers, family photos, vacation pics, cars, people, pets or animals or travel scenes. Another great idea is to make all pictures black and white.

photography display 2

Vary sizes of frames or matting make for an interesting gallery as well.

photography display 3

Another gallery idea: display frames photos on floating shelves. This makes arranging easy and simple to change up whenever you feel the urge. Replace new pictures occasionally to keep your apartment or home living space fresh and memorable.

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Random Finds

Sometimes I find so many brilliant ideas that I can’t find a focus for a post…thus this “random finds” blog of gorgeousness. Above from Elle Decor Celerie Kimble town home, this picture collage I simply love. The table is exquisite. Use this idea when arranging you own picture collage in your apartment.

This piece makes me sigh…ahhh….18-arm Brass Chandelier by Lumi from John Salibello Antiques. 212-838-5767

And now to a chair…Milo Classic leather lounge chair (available white, black, brown, and grey leather). $2499  Crate&Barrel  photo:Crate&Barrel

This kitchen island with all those storage drawers makes me cry with envy! photo: Simon Upton

Lastly….the Scarlett Left Arm Chaise in Toulouse Harbor…plush and velvety…$1,199 at Crate&Barrel.

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