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Shabby Chic Sofas for Your Stroudsburg Apartment

I love Shabby Chic sofas, have one myself in my comfy living room, and for your new Stroudsburg apartment you may want this fresh new look.  I’ve come across some gorgeous sofas with this design style. I wish I had enough rooms for all of them.  Image above: Art Streiber

How to design an open room in your Stroudsburg apartments?  Remember a large ornate mirror, and a pretty chandelier.

Love the Paris charm with this Shabby Chic sofa via HGTV.com

Here is a cute eclectic pink Shabby Chic sofa for your Stroudsburg apartment. Adding contrast colors and prints gives the space a cozy country feel. Image via Houzz.com

image via Shabby Chic-Rachel Ashwell

A Stroudsburg apartment could not get more chic than this white on white room found at Lonny Magazine.

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Scranton Pa. Apartments – Shabby Chic Style

The Shabby Chic style trend is growing even more popular, and when moving into one of the many lovely  Scranton Pa. apartments, why not consider this soft, welcoming style when decorating your new place. The following are some lovely design ideas and options to make a Scranton Pa. apartment classic and comfortable.

The Scranton Pa. apartments lifestyle calls for a cool, comfortable and fresh style of life. Shabby Chic is all about creating an inviting space to sit down and tuck up your feet, sip some chai latte after your yoga class, have nice conversations with friends. I love the vintage shabby feel to this room. Soft, yet colorful.

Is it shabby or chic? The rustic feel of this room can be easily created in a Scranton Pa. apartment.  Antique or flea market finds add strange appeal to an older space. Not a flower print person, yet find myself drawn to this room. To walk on those floorboards, to look out those windows…

A few simple touches can turn ordinary Scranton Pa. apartments into exotically styled spaces. Try a loose-fit slipcover over a chair to give a lived in comfy feel. An old door painted and speckled with vintage wallpaper makes a dull corner an interesting artistic expression. Totally chic – yet shabby!

Finally, with simple Shabby Chic touches added to your Scranton Pa. apartment, like these white curtains and the rooster ornament, ideas from an apartment in Manhattan, your new space can be elegant, chic and interesting.

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images via: I Heart Shabby ChicApartment Therapy, Manolo Home, and House Beautiful.