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Keep it Simple – Small Space Decor

Keep it simpleThere is nothing better for a small space than to keep it simple. Use the simplicity of white walls and keep the floors and corner spaces clutter free. Opt for furniture on the trim side so that it doesn’t crowd the room to much. Wall mounted television saves space as well. Though the space above in super-minimal we like some of the ideas, like the numerous pieces of art either on the walls or resting against an open wall space.

Chrome & Velvet Chaise Lounge

Lubrano Sectional, Beige Linen

Abstract Painting

Small Apartment Designs

A small apartment need not lack sophistication and elegance. If you live alone in a tinier space making it warm and inviting for yourself is of great importance. The key is to keep a small space clutter free, which can be hard with little storage space, but if you can find a way it will be worth it. Stick to soft light color schemes to keep your small space fresh and bright. Here are a few more ideas to consider. Enjoy.

A small loft space can be divided easily by using storage as the “wall.” High free standing book shelves like these are ideal and placing a bedroom dresser next to it gives you the bedroom storage that you need for essentials. Love the clean, fresh feel this space brings. And everything is organized and accessible.

A small kitchen doesn’t have to be a downer as you can see here. A back-splash of bright color bring it to life. Again, keeping counter space neat and clutter-free sets off this small space.

A white color scheme works great in a small space. Contrast with dark furniture and a small carpet, and remember to add a splash of bright color somewhere, as we see here with the flower arrangements.

I find small apartments cozy and fun. They are certainly not the place for over-stuffed furniture, as comfy as that might be. We experienced a problem not too long ago finding furniture for a small room like this one. The living rooms tend to run big sized lately, so we settled on a similar look as this. It kept the room fresh and alive and easy to walk around in.

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