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Mirror Wall Collages

mirror collage living roomA great way to bring interest to a plain apartment wall is to design a wall collage, and an especially unique idea is a mirror wall collage. I love the idea of finding old mirrors at flea markets or garage sales and collecting them for a collage. You can also find inexpensive mirrors of different sizes in department stores as well.

mirror collageA mirror wall collage looks great in any apartment room. Love this dining room idea.

eclectic-hall-wall-mirorredLove this mirror wall collage idea for a blank wall of a stairway in a townhome or house. Keeping all the frames the same color by simply painting them to match the wall creates an interesting decor design.

mirror-nook-wallAnother nice mirror wall collage in a hallway.

sunburst mirror collageMy favorite wall mirrors are the vintage sunburst mirrors. Old and new ones can be found to create very unique mirror wall collage for your home or apartment.

Images found on Pinterest.

Fall Leaf Wall Decor

fall leaf wall decor

With summer nearly over I’m feeling the vibe of fall inspiration for home or apartment decor. Even the bedroom can be updated and made fresh each season with simple changes. Consider wall decals in pretty fall leaf designs.

Autumn Trends: Fall Home

fall leaf wall decor 2

18 Fall Leaf Wall Decals

Love these wall decals. They would be great in any room and fill in any dead space you may have on an apartment wall.  Click ArtFire to shop.


Check out more wall decals at Zero Decor.

Creating a Wall Gallery – Bucks County Houses

Art-Gallery-Wall-Ideas-18-1-Kindesign with couchI get so confused when it comes to displaying art on a wall in Bucks County Houses, especially in a gallery type display. I plan it out on the floor, but by the time it comes to tapping  in that first nail I lose faith in my layout, pack up the art and save it for another day. Thus, empty walls are my friend. But these images renew my faith in hanging wall art in Bucks County Houses.

gallery-wall-frame-wall 3

A long wall can be overwhelming in Bucks County Houses, but images of similar design, size and with duplicate frames and matting stand out to perfection.

wall gallery design

Follow these simple design layouts for any room in your Bucks County Houses. One of the coolest ideas I love: Standing framed art on floating shelves.



art-group-mozi mag wall gallery

art-display-vincente-wolf 4

Finishing off different rooms in your Bucks County Houses with similar wall gallery art arrangements makes a statement, creating a filled wall that is neat and full of interest.

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Unique Wall Decals

powerbirds-wall-decalsA great way to make a statement in your new apartment space is with unique wall decals. Found some great inspiring ideas for fall. Birds on a Wire via CoutureDeco.

talltreewleavesblowing400Dali Decals.com

xhalloween-wall-decalsSpook out the wall for Halloween this October with this cool decal.  Love it!
From TrendHunter

Modern dining roomA family circle of love via Trading Phrases

bedroom-wall-stickerKeeping the bedroom fresh with a deep wall decal on white. via Freshome.com

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Ralph Lauren Paint

I love Ralph Lauren paint. It wears well and comes in so many colors and design options. Love to Know Interior Design has this awesome article with helpful info and resources on how to use Ralph Lauren paints.

Meanwhile, here I’ve found some really creative decor pictures of Ralph Lauren paint in action.

Walls: Big Sur Blue  Trim: Deckhand White

Suede paint

Dark Navy wall. (hint: Always use a satin finish on dark wall. The shine will bring light into a dark walled space, and matte finishes in dark often powder up when the surface is touched, ruining the neat finish.)


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Fresh, Fearless and Flowered

Be adventurous and charge-up any room in your new apartment with a wall of flowers.  Wallpaper – a dangerous endeavor for anyone who hasn’t done it before and fearlessness is required, but the results can be breath-taking.  Follow these easy instructions or the video below and spend a day off making your room a freshly inspired expression of yourself.  Above is a pattern of wallpaper called 11 Reasons to Love Me from Anthropologie.com. as well as the ones featured below.

Block Begonia Wallpaper

Concertina Wallpaper

Love, love this Sweet Pea wallpaper pattern…

and this Dreamscape Mural wallpaper….not exactly flowery, but fearless and funky!

For more help with wallpapering take a look at this awesome video for step by step instructions. Happy wallpapering!

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