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Wondrous White

white furnitureWe love the spaciousness and brightness white furniture brings to any living space.

white furniture 2

white furniture 3For available homes or apartments in Doylestown PA area contact Michaelangelo Greco.

White, white, white…

I love the freshness of white in an apartment or home, the always clean feel, and surprisingly it is easy to keep that way. This sofa is great example of modern white style, in Italian leather with attached side tables.  LA Furniture.

Delightfully white minimalist kitchen with breakfast bar. Stools by Purves&Purves.

White love mantle clock – Retro Shabby Chic, found on Ebay.

Highlight white decor with white flower arrangements. These are silk and will always look great. Found at Saigon Houses.

Stunning white vase designed by Beate Kuhn Rosenthal/Germany.

White apartment bedroom style…simple and chic. Add this to the bedroom, perhaps above the bed…

White flower print.

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Alexis Stewart’s Tribeca Loft

Alexis Stewart, daughter of home-decorating giant, Martha Stewart, is selling her Tribeca loft.  This breath-taking minimalist domain is on the market for the lowered price of $9.5 milliion.  With 4,000 square feet of living space, one could move about freely.  The openness, the clean white surfaces, and the solarium ceiling in the living room keeps the space feeling fresh and renewed.

Source: Luxist.com article by Deidre Woollard.