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Wilkes Barre Pa Apartments – Pale Blue Decor

Spring has sprung early in Pennsylvania, and when decorating Wilkes Barre Pa apartments nothing adds more to the feeling of spring than the charm of pale blue decor. Adding a few simple touches in pale blue in pillows, throws or dishware and vases will bring this fresh feeling home.

Add a fresh coat of pale blue paint to your Wilkes Barre Pa apartments kitchen and choosing some country decor will freshen up a dull kitchen space.

Love these pale blue vases from Elizabeth Anne Designs for anywhere in your Wilkes Barre Pa apartments.

A touch of blue can make a beautiful statement in your Wilkes Barre Pa apartments bedroom. Featured here is City Scene Branches French Blue bedding from Bedding Style.com.

The latest finds at Overstock.com are great for making choices when decorating Wilkes Barre Pa apartments. Fell in love with this pale blue hand-hooked Bliss rug.

One mustn’t forget lighting fixtures for Wilkes Barre Pa apartments. My love for Tiffany style lamps led me to find this pale Blue Acorn Tiffany Reproduction lampshade from Antique Lamp Co. and Gift Emporium.

This cool pale blue swivel chair is for kids, but I love it anyway. When decorating your Wilkes Barre Pa apartments consider the adding the freshness of pale blue in your decor choices.

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Wilkes Barre Apartments – Going Green with Eco-Friendly Home Decor

Many landlords and renters of Wilkes Barre apartments are making the progressive decision of going green with eco-friendly home decor options. This is quickly becoming a more and more accessible option since many companies are selling building and home-decorating products that are organic and naturally based.

So, what actually makes a product green?

If you are considering repainting your Wilkes Barre apartment, usually the first step in redecorating, choose paints without harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds). VOCs evaporate into the air and cause allergic reactions and irritating smells. Low or no-VOC paint products are now more affordable than ever. Dutch Boy is one company who makes them and is readily available at most local home improvement stores. Look for paints with the GreenGuard Certification.

New furniture for your Wilkes Barre apartment is the next going green choice to make. FSC Certified wood products guarantee that you are purchasing eco- friendly furniture. FSC products are sustainably produced.  They are usually made from re-claimed or re-cycled materials (old furniture for example) or from woods or materials that replenish easily.  Bamboo and rattan are two such materials.

What would your remodeled Wilkes Barre apartment be without new rugs? Green rugs and carpets are often made with natural plant fibers such as bamboo, jute or cotton.  Synthetic rugs are made with nylon, rayon and polyester, all by-products of plastic and definitely not bio-degradable. It has been noted that a discarded area rug made of such fibers will sit in a land-fill for over 50 years!

Hopefully going green in your Wilkes Barre apartment will be and easy and enjoyable decorating endeavor.

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images: Home z Interior and Bamboo Home Decor

Wilkes Barre Pa. Apartments for Rent

If you are looking for Wilkes Barre Pa. apartments for rent you will have many options and lovely apartments to choose from. Your style of living should come into play when making your choices in this beautiful region of Northeastern Pa.

Do you need a large or a small living space? What amenities should your new apartment include, like number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and size of rooms? Is off-street parking a must? What are your budget requirements and price range when considering Wilkes Barre Pa. apartments for rent? Will your apartment or rental home need a yard or allow pets? Consider these questions when looking at listings of Wilkes Barre Pa. apartments for rent.

One of your first considerations as you search for Wilkes Barre Pa. apartments for rent is they type of neighborhood you would like to live in.  Apartment complexes such as Wilkeswood Apartments and East Mountain Apartments, located in Wilkes Barre township, provide apartment community type settings, with courts instead of streets, parking lots close to your front door, landscaping and maintenance. Complexes are usually well-lighted and include other amenities like laundry facilities, on site fitness centers and recreation areas like pools or tennis courts. Often you will find available Wilkes Barre Pa. apartments for rent in one of these communities.

Perhaps you would like a home that is more private or residential? Is living in town or near the city more for you? You can find lovely and unique Wilkes Barre Pa. apartments for rent in large homes or smaller apartment buildings in quieter neighborhoods of Wilkes Barre.  First or second floor luxury duplexes are available as well as town houses. For a more home-like feel, consider renting a half of a double home that may be available. These often offer front and back door access, porches or patios, decks, and back yards that can be used or recreation and entertaining.The home will often feature first and second floors, and sometimes a third floor also.

For a more classic home feel consider one of the many beautiful Wilkes Barre Pa. apartments for rent in the historic district of the city. Here some of the well-maintained and elegant mansions, built in the turn-of-the-century, offer available spaces for rent that feature fireplaces, unique woodwork or tile, hardwood floors or stained- glass windows among other features. The neighborhood is quiet and residential with tree lined streets, and easy access to downtown restaurants, stores, theaters, and art galleries, as well as living close to the local colleges, Wilkes University and King’s college. Houpt House, above, offers a one bedroom apartment. (Click image for link)

Remember to consider your life style and apartment or home needs and neighborhood preferences when choosing one of the many Wilkes Barre Pa. apartments for rent.

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Wilkes Barre Apartments – Black and White Decor

If you are moving into one of the many available Wilkes Barre apartments you may be considering a fresh start. And what better to enhance your new apartment than looking into new decor options, and with black and white decor you can’t go wrong.

A quick drive from any of the local Wilkes Barre apartments will take you to the local Pier 1 Imports, a great economical decorating store that features everything for your new Wilkes Barre apartment. You will find furniture, glassware, lamps, bedding and fresh design ideas. Like this black and white chair and this great Zebra Striped Paper Lantern.

This lantern lamp could be featured in any room of your Wilkes Barre apartment.

Over a desk area would be a cool option, or in the corner of the living room.

If you are fortunate enough to find one of the many available Wilkes Barre apartments that offers a nice dining room in the space, then dining room chairs and a nice table are something to think about. Go creative with black and white, like this Damask Dining Chair from Pier 1 Imports.

Why not go totally unique in your Wilkes Barre apartment with this Kilim sofa by Andrew Martin. I love the design and the structure of this sofa. Creative and unusual for your new apartment living room.

For your Wilkes Barre apartments open wall space: Antique Black Console Table from Powell. $300 at Ifurn.com

Gotta love these black and white design pendant lamps. They would be great over your Wilkes Barre apartment kitchen island, or over the dining table. Nice accents for office area too. From WAC Lighting.

And let us not forget your new Wilkes Barre apartment bedroom. Dino Direct features this Maple Leaf Print Cotton Bed in a Bag for only $64.62! Cool!

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Wilkes-Barre Apartments – The Arts in Wilkes-Barre

Choosing one of the lovely Wilkes-Barre apartments to live in give you numerous life-style amenities, including easy access to the arts of down-town Wilkes-Barre Pa. High on the art’s list is the F. M. Kirby Center for the Performing Arts. This majestic theater was originally opened in 1938 as the Comerford Movie Theater. It was one of the grandest art deco movies theaters of the time, with a capacity of over 2,000 patrons. It soon became the most popular theaters of the city.

Located on the square in downtown Wilkes-Barre, this beautifully renovated theater is a quick walk or drive from most Wilkes-Barre apartments. The beauty of it has since changed from its original day, but the grandeur has remained, and has even improved, mainly due to the community’s support and donations from local business people. In 1986, the theater experienced a major renovation and went from an abandoned movie house to become a premier concert theater, the F. M. Kirby Center. In 2006, it underwent maintenance renovations to upgrade the worn carpets and seats, etc. from the 1986 restoration. The theater now boasts of the restored art deco look of the original 1938 theater.

The F. M. Kirby Center is home to the performing arts of the region and beyond. Living in Wilkes-Barre apartments will give you easy access to the great entertainment features of this theater including concerts by the Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic orchestra, which presents a regular Fall/Winter schedule, and the Wilkes-Barre Ballet Theater. Artists from around the world perform here including rock bands, musicians, comedians, opera performances, and Broadway plays. The theater also features Free movies.

The box office if open daily. Step out of your Wilkes-Barre apartments where you can view upcoming events including: the opera La Boheme, The Pink Floyd Experience, Free movie: Sleepless in Seattle, Comedian John Pinette, and latest Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic concert, coming this month.

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